On the evening of July 5, 1976, Dave Robinson and his brother-in-law, Geary Cordell, were grumbling at Dave's house in Candler over a frustrating weekend of golf. The courses they had just played were overcrowded and the resulting conditions were not conducive to a happy time. Geary and Dave put their heads together to go and make happen their own golf course.

They quickly approached six friends with the idea and got enthusiastic approval. The group began a search for a suitable site and focused on an available 540-acre tract of mountain and valley land that could readily accommodate a 125-acre golf course.  An additional 45 acres were to be devoted to a clubhouse, swimming complex, and tennis courts. This was known as the Orr property, highlighted by a beautiful two-story native stone hunting lodge that an E.S. Koon had built upon a knoll.

The group grew to 40 at the close of the first meeting on August 4, 1976 and the green light was on for the project. Dave Robinson was named President and Geary was Vice President. Within 49 days the club consisted of 200 charter members with $1,000,000 raised for the project. The property was purchased from Mrs. Orr on November 1, 1976 and High Vista Country Club, Inc. was a reality.

The club was formed as a non-profit enterprise. Each of the original 200 charter members were granted sustaining memberships and promised a one-acre parcel of the remaining 370 mountainside acres. The lot selection was based on a drawing, which gave all members an equal opportunity at drawing the best lot. On March 28, 1978 the Protective Covenants were publicly registered to preserve the quality of the community that Dave and Geary had envisioned. And so began High Vista Estates. At that time the full 540 acres were still owned by the club.

On February 28, 1983 the High Vista Estates Homeowners' Association, Inc. was incorporated.

History of The Old Clubhouse:

The wonderful original homestead at High Vista boasts spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountain range and the golf course in the valley below. The stone house was built in 1928 for E.S. Koon as a private residence and sold to William Ford in 1930. George and Nona France purchased the property in 1933, and with other adjacent land acquisitions they increased their land holdings to 540 acres. Thomas and Annie Lee Orr purchased the property in 1968 from the Frances. In 1976 it was sold to High Vista Country Club and used as the clubhouse.       

Now referred to as the, "Old Club House," club members enjoy cool breezes while relaxing on the covered porch. High Vista's Administration office and the Homeowners Association office share space in the historic home.